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Who We Are

We are an organization dedicated to providing opportunities to streamers of all levels and multiple platforms! We have streamers and content creators featured on various platforms including Twitch, Trovo, Theta and YouTube.

Meet Our Team

What do we Provide?


We provide internal and external education opportunities to boost your content's ranking and reputation.

Team Work

We Motivate each other to reach our goals and break boundaries! Oh and we participate in an activity called FUN!


We provide a huge collection of free and paid templates... and we have some talented people in our Discord server too!

Tech Support

We got a guy who knows a guy; or a few, who know a thing or two about the streaming industry and associated peripheral support!

Exclusive Deals

We know how much you want to save your hard earned moolah...a lot of our streamers are partnered or affiliated and have codes for days!


Whether internal or external we will guide your hustle to unlock your true potential; and possibly employment!



NYC Native; gamer, streamer, podcast host, and tech enthusiast;
US ARMY Veteran; Chief Warrant Officer 2



Working non-stop to achieve his main goals. Failure does not disappoint him, quitters do.


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